Walk-ins are welcome at the Midwest Hay Business Conference & Expo this Tuesday and Wednesday at the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, MO. The conference begins with an Innovative Hay Growers Panel at 10 a.m. the first day. Dutch Rodgers, Decatur, AR, will talk about his strategies for growing and marketing bermuda hay to horse stables in the Dallas, TX, area. Roger Hatcher, Cumberland, VA, will provide details about how he and his son, Will, rebale big square bales into small square bales for stables in Virginia. J.J. Granstrom, Holstein, NE, will outline marketing and production details that have kept Granstrom Farm successful since 1959.

Biotech traits in alfalfa, financial planning, producing organic hay, marketing to horse owners and alfalfa production solutions are among the other scheduled topics. Sponsored by Hay & Forage Grower, the conference will feature a hay-industry-specific trade show, giving growers opportunities to see the latest in forage equipment and technology.

Attendees will be able to walk away with new marketing ideas and strategies after listening to a panel of experienced hay marketers talk about how they work to build effective marketing and promotion programs. Don Kieffer, executive director of the National Hay Association, St. Petersburg, FL, will provide details about how the association develops foreign and domestic markets for hay. Will Hatcher will share details about targeted marketing strategies that have helped Allendale Farm, Cumberland, VA, reach the best customers for their hay products. J.J. Granstrom will return to the program to talk about how he works to fine-tune Granstrom Farm's marketing focus in the face of rising fuel prices and concerns related to the growing ethanol industry. Find more conference details online at www.hayconference.com.

If you haven't registered, you can do so at the door. To reserve a hotel room at the special $89 rate, call Holiday Inn KCI at 816-801-8400.