The Washington State Hay Growers Association (WSHGA) wants growers to know how to help beef and dairy producers hurt by recent floods in the Lewis County, WA, area. Growers who want to donate hay can contact WSHGA member Clint Didier at 509-727-7118. He has the names of volunteer truckers and the destinations for the hay.

The Washington State Dairy Federation is coordinating efforts to get feed to flood-damaged dairies in southwestern Washington. Alfalfa hay is high on their lists of needs. The federation will also coordinate livestock donations to the farms when they are cleaned up, repaired and ready for animals. It can be contacted at 360-482-3485.

The Washington State Farm Bureau is concentrating on giving financial support to farmers to help in the repair of damaged equipment, facilities, etc. All funds received will be immediately distributed to farmers most in need. Contact the Washington State Farm Bureau at 800-331-3276.

WSHGA has contributed $500 to efforts to help dairy and beef producers who suffered losses from floods. Contact WSHGA at 509-585-5460.