Dependable Trailed Disc Mowers
Kuhn North America’s GMD 3550 TL and GMD 4050 TL trailed disc mowers offer dependable cutting with simple adjustments and low maintenance. With working widths of 11’6” and 13’, they cut at speeds as high as 10 mph, mowing up to 126 acres per day.

Both models have an Optidisc cutterbar with differential disc spacing, ensuring a clean cut, even in challenging conditions. Protectadrive cutterbar protection enhances reliability, and the machines have improved suspension with greater adjustability.

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Stack Covers
Made in Australia, Hay Caps pay for themselves the first year by protecting the top bales of stacks and can be re-used year after year, according to Hay Cap Pty Ltd. They’re applied at ground level in less than a minute, then covered bales are placed on top of the stack as it’s built.

Made from 3-mm-thick, food-grade recycled plastic, they’re UV-stable and vermin-proof. The covers are slightly wider than the bales, so they butt together to provide full coverage of the stack.

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Telehandler Upgrades
Improved hydraulics and joysticks are now available on all JCB Agri telescopic handlers. The Variflow variable-output hydraulic system increases the oil flow to 37 gallons per minute (gpm), up from 29 gpm on the previous gear pump system. Because the pump delivers oil on demand and usable flow rates are available at relatively low engine speeds, it improves overall efficiency and fuel economy.

The easy-to-use Servo joystick control incorporates a forward-neutral-reverse selector switch so the operator can operate the boom with one hand while keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel with the other. It makes controlling the boom easier and more precise.


Windrow Merger
RCI Engineering’s 170E merger is a cost-effective solution for merging windrows while minimizing contamination with dirt and foreign objects. Featuring a heavy-duty, 7’-wide ground-driven pickup, it also functions as a windrow inverter for faster crop drying.

Simply designed and reliable, it can merge windrows from up to 16’ cut widths and place three windrows together. It’s drawn in-line with the tractor and features a spring float system with hydraulic lift to effectively pick up windrows on uneven terrain. It can be used with nearly any tractor with a drawbar and two remote hydraulic valves.

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Pull-Type Mower
The EasyCut 3200, a 10’4” pull-type mower from Krone North America, has a strong frame from which the cutterbar is suspended in the center of gravity. The cutterbar floats freely, putting even pressure across the bar and causing less wear and a clean cut.

The EasyCut cutterbar, the same one used on the company’s three-point disc mowers and pull-type mower-conditioners, is strong and wedge-shaped, producing a close cut. It’s driven by large internal spur gears that can run slower for less noise, heat and wear.

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