Minnesota farmers interested in livestock grazing systems can turn to Improving and Sustaining Forage Production in Pastures, a book by Howard Moechnig, Cannon Falls, MN. Moechnig has worked for more than 10 years as a grazing specialist and has planned hundreds of grazing systems.

“We were pleased with this opportunity to tap into Howard Moechnig’s expertise for the benefit of Minnesota farmers,” says Wayne Monsen, Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) grazing specialist. “This publication provides guidance to producers for achieving a well-managed grazing system and will help them avoid common mistakes in pasture and forage management.”

Aside from adequate rainfall, the rate of forage growth and annual yield are directly related to how well a pasture is managed throughout the grazing season, including the previous fall and winter. This new resource presents strategies for preparing pastures for the upcoming year and improving pasture conditions, leading to better livestock performance.

The book, published by the MDA, is posted on its Web site. The Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils (RC&D), WesMin RC&D and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service assisted with development of the publication.