Graziers will be asked their perceptions of mob grazing and how the practice is being used through an online survey conducted by University of Wisconsin (UW) Extension researchers.

Mark Renz, UW weed scientist, and Anders Gurda, a student researcher, are asking rotational graziers to participate in the survey. Although it will target graziers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan, the researchers will accept anyone’s response.

To see the consent form and take the survey, visit here. It asks for background information on a respondent’s operation, how often cattle are moved to fresh pasture, how familiar a grazier is with mob grazing, what he/she thinks of the practice and its positive and negative points. What a grazier uses to control weeds and whether he/she allows animals to eat weeds are among other questions asked. The survey deadline is June 30.

Those who want more information can contact Renz at or Gurda at