Livestock producers who utilize managed grazing programs will each receive a survey in the mail this week asking them to identify current management practices and additional support needed to improve their operations.

One of the goals of the study is to help figure out what pasture-based livestock producers' needs may be and how best the agency can focus its time and resources to move the practice forward in Wisconsin, according to Laura Paine, grazing specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.

About 25% of Wisconsin dairy producers use rotational or managed grazing to provide fresh forage for cattle in summer.

“Managed grazing is really size-neutral,” says Paine. “While the average herd size is under 100 cows, there are successful pasture-based dairy farms in Wisconsin with over 500 cows.”

The study is being coordinated by the Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service with help from the University of Wisconsin Extension, UW Collegeof Agricultural and Life Sciences and Natural Resource Conservation Service. The survey is being sent out this week (Dec. 20-24) and must be returned by Jan. 7.

For more information or to receive a survey, call 608-224-5120.