A fully automatic round baler-silage wrapper combination that doesn’t have to stop for tying and unloading is undergoing final testing in Europe.

Krone officials say the Ultima non-stop baler-wrapper has the company’s semi-variable bale chamber that also serves as a precompression chamber. Hay collects and is compressed there while the previous bale is being net-wrapped, so a significant amount has accumulated when the next bale is started.

Another feature is a Tractor Implement Management (TIM) system, which allows the baler to communicate with the tractor via Isobus. The operator can then adapt tractor speed automatically to the load on the baler, which can prevent overloading and ensure maximum bale densities, say the officials.

The bale chamber has high ground clearance, which allows the bale to drop straight onto the wrapping table, speeding up the bale-wrap cycle.

When the machine is placed on the market in 2013 or 2014, it will offer up to 50% higher work rates than other baler-wrappers, say the officials.