We've scoured our printed magazines and newspapers, as well at the Web, to bring you a few chosen words from around the country.

“We're getting an increasing number of questions from non-hay growers inquiring where they can get more information and what they need to start their business."– Glenn Friesen, forage business development specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, commenting on the growing interest in producing hay for export. Prospects for exporting Canadian hay will be among the topics discussed at the Dec. 7 Manitoba Forage Symposium in Winnipeg. Source: Portageonline.com.

“Hauling hay, riding horses, sorting cattle and driving tractors have been a learning foundation for many of our nation’s most successful citizens. Any policy that would hinder the opportunities of young Americans to experience life in our agricultural communities is misguided indeed.” – Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese in a joint letter to the U.S. Labor Department last week. They oppose controversial proposed changes in the federal regulations governing child labor on farms and ranches. The public comment period on the changes ended Dec. 1. Source: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

“Our farmers would like to help the guys in Texas, but they want to make sure they have enough hay to feed their cattle this winter first. If it turns out this winter is not too bad, I suspect you will see more hay from here going to Texas.”– Randall Armstrong, coordinator for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in Lauderdale County. Source: Times Daily, Florence, AL.