A balance of supply and demand has kept hay prices steady at the Westminister Hay Auction in New Windsor, MD.

“We had three weeks of pretty good runs with a lot of hay coming in to start off the year,” says auction owner-auctioneer Nevin Tasto.

“We’ve also had really good attendance with around 100 buyers at each sale, and the demand appears to be strong.”

Small square and large round bales make up most of the hay coming into the auction’s weekly sale. In recent weeks, “decent” small squares of alfalfa-grass hay brought $5-6.50/bale, with some sales as high as $7/bale and some as low as $2.50/bale. Small squares of straight timothy and timothy-grass brought $4.50-6.50/bale, while mixed grass hay sold for $4-7/bale.

Large rounds of timothy and mixed grass sold for $25-50/bale. “The prices are right up there with where they were a year ago,” says Tasto.

Where they head over the coming weeks will depend mostly on weather. “There seems to be enough hay around locally. The market should stay steady as long as it stays cold. Once we get green grass out in the pastures, demand and prices could start to ease some.”

Westminister auctions are held on Mondays beginning at 10 a.m. To contact Tasto, call 410-374-4067.

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