Kentucky livestock producers badly in need of forages can get help from their state ag department and its forage sales directory.

“Kentucky farmers feel frustrated and helpless because of this summer’s hot, dry weather,” says James Comer, state ag commissioner. “Many of our livestock producers are having to feed hay and other forages that normally would be set aside for winter. The department’s forage sales directory and hay hotline can help them find the forages their animals need.”

Livestock producers can search the directory by county. Entries give information on the nutritional and energy levels of forages offered for sale. The hay-hotline phone number is 502-564-4983. To list available hay for sale, or for more information, go to Hay Hotline.

The ag department makes no guarantees or claims to the quality, price or nutritional value of hay and forages submitted through the hotline.

Western Kentucky is in extreme drought, and central Kentucky and the Bluegrass Region are in moderate drought. The University of Kentucky Agricultural Weather Center reported that western Kentucky would need nearly 16” of rain to end the drought.