A new method of measuring ruminal starch digestibility of feed ingredients can make ration balancing more precise. That’s according to Forage Genetics International representatives, who announced the new lab technology, called “Calibrate,” at World Dairy Expo last month.

“Calibrate technologies is a proprietary, industry-leading method that delivers the insights and recommendations producers and nutritionists need to take control of herd rations,” says David Weakley, its dairy forage research director.

Sure-Tech Laboratories, a Land O’Lakes division, is certified to offer the technology; Dairyland Laboratories will also have it sometime this fall.

“Calibrate technologies is not just another starch test,” says Kevin Leahy, manager of the company’s Forage Technical Services. “It does more than just measure total tract starch digestion. Calibrate technologies measures ruminal starch digestibility to help with more efficient feed usage, more consistent milk and component production and … enhanced profitability potential.”