“If you buy the book and fill it out, it's priceless. If you don't do anything with it, it's worthless.”

That's how Craig Buescher, a Deweese, NE, commercial hay grower, describes the book he and his wife, Marge, recently wrote. Titled Farm Life: Let Me Tell You How It Was, the softbound book is designed to help folks with farm ties recall and preserve their memories.

“We thought this book might inspire people to take the time to write down their experiences and recollections or those of their parents or grandparents. We hope that by filling this book out, people communicate about their heritage a little bit more,” explains Buescher, who also manages the annual Mid-America Alfalfa Expo in Hastings, NE.

Nearly every page has a “Let me tell you …” statement about farm life at the top and space below to write responses. Here are a few examples:

“Let me tell you about putting up hay on the farm.”

“Let me tell you about the first tractor and machinery we used.”

“Let me tell you how the prices of crops and livestock have changed over the years.”

To formulate the statements, the couple thought about the events or experiences their parents and grandparents had shared. They also drew upon their experiences as parents of four children.

“One customer told us, ‘I gave my mom a journal with blank pages and asked her to fill it out and tell me about what it was like for her growing up. But she didn't really know where to start. With this book, she has a chance to write down some of her memories as they relate to each statement,’” says Buescher.

The book is available in a handful of Nebraska gift shops and bookstores as well as in one store in Wyoming. To get a copy, send $9 to: Craig and Marge Buescher, Route 1, Box 54, Deweese, NE 68934. Phone: 402-262-2311.