A rugged, geared double reel from Kencove, Blairsville, PA, holds ¼ mile of electric twine. Its 2:1 or 3:1 gear ratio to the hand crank allows quick rewinding. The carry handle includes a hook for hanging onto permanent fences. The reel, step-in posts and electric twine make frequent fence moves simple.
Circle 101 on reply card, call 800-536-2683 or visit www.kencove.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Braided mega wire has nine stainless steel strands for excellent conductivity, according to Twin Mountain Fence Co., San Angelo, TX. Its braided poly-ethylene filament gives lower resistance than tapes or standard wire.

Excellent for long runs of fence, it won't loop or tangle and wraps neatly on the reel. Its superior strength gives it greater durability and a longer field life.

Circle 102 on reply card, call 800-527-0990 or visit freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Range Master, a fence charger from Parker McCrory, Kansas City, MO, uses a digital meter to show voltage — within 100 volts — on the fence. Its ultra-high visible, multi-colored LED lights show fence condition, and an audible and visible shut-down alarm sounds if it malfunctions.

The charger offers over 12.5 joules of shock output power and computer-controlled circuitry. It charges over 100 miles of fence.

Circle 103 on reply card, call 816-221-2000 or visit www.parmakusa.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The Post Puller pulls steel T-posts undamaged — even in frozen ground, according to Modern Farm, Cody, WY.

Just slip the puller over a T-post, hook the other side on a Handyman Jack and ratchet the post straight out of the ground. It can also be used with a tractor loader, drawbar or three-point hitch. Made of strong ductile steel construction, it stores easily.

Circle 104 on reply card, call 800-443-4934 or visit www.modfarm.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

An auger cart that quickly and easily attaches or detaches, transports, and stores F8, G20/40, 8800, or 8900 Danuser three-point hitch diggers comes from Danuser, Fulton, MO. The cart can be used on any level surface and features a 24" maximum auger diameter.

Circle 105 on reply card, call 573-642-2246 or visit freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The Dual-Wire system eliminates fencing problems due to poor grounding, according to Fi-Shock, Inc., Knoxville, TN. The Dual-Wire system incorporates the hot wire and the ground wire in one insulator. Wires are spaced optimally to impart the full shock of the energizer to an animal.

Its Dual-Wire Fence Light attaches between the two fence wires to show the fence is operating properly. It also provides spacers that attach between fence posts and high-visibility yellow warning signs. Insulators install easily onto steel T-posts or wood posts.

Circle 106 on reply card, call 800-251-9288 or visit www.fishock.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The Pivotal Post, from Pivotal Fencing Systems, Yuma, CO, has been redesigned to meet government practice specifications fence code 382. It features a solid fiberglass post with a UV-resistant coating, a cast aluminum base and heavy-duty spring to keep wires in place.

With the post, producers can manage livestock herds and irrigate crops at the same time. Sprinklers can cross fences without special gates or the producer having to let wires down.

Circle 107 on reply card, call 970-848-5500 or visit www.pivotpost.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The portable pasture schooner from Cameo Fencing, Hammond, NY, features skis (see insert) that make it easy for an ATV, pickup truck or tractor to pull the shelter from pasture to pasture.

Circle 108 on reply card, call 800-822-5426 or visit www.cameo-fencing.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

A permanent electric rail system that eliminates the need for a separate hot wire for electrified systems also significantly reduces installation time. That's according to its manufacturer, Centaur HTP Fencing Systems, Muscle Shoals, AL.

Called Hot-Site, the 1" rail is highly visible, permanent and available in 500' rolls complete with insulator brackets. It has a minimum break strength of 2,000 lbs/rail.

Circle 109 on reply card, call 800-348-7787 or visit www.centaurhtp.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The StirrupPost, a new step-in post from Premier, Washington, IA, offers a sure-grip base. Force can be applied on the top of the steel spike, driving the post even into dry or frozen soil. The spike is pointed, galvanized, 5/26" in diameter and 6" long.

The product also provides conductor clips to be used with ¼" rope, twine or tape. Posts are available in 37" or 54" heights.

Circle 110 on reply card, call 800-282-6631 or visit www.premier1supplies.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The Kiwi Gate Latch provides easy, one-hand gate operation — even on horseback or with gloves on, according to Modern Farm.

The rugged latch, to be used with wood or metal gates, won't freeze and is lockable. It consists of a ½" steel latch, 8" of 3/16" chain and a 4" staple.

Circle 111 on reply card, call 800-443-4934 or visit www.modfarm.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

The Wireless Motion Drive Alert lets you know when vehicles, pedestrians or large animals approach from up to 1,000' away.

From Modern Farm, the system includes a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver. It can be installed quickly and simply, with no wires to bury or electrical hookups to add. The battery-powered transmitter senses motion and alerts the wireless receiver. A nine-volt transmitter battery lasts about 12 months. The receiver can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet up to 1,000' away.

Circle 112 on reply card, call 800-443-4934 or visit www.modfarm.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Ringlock Fence, a livestock fencing widely used in Australia, is now available in the U.S. from Canyon Fence Co., Calgary, Alberta. This strong, durable fencing features a wire knot that allows wires to absorb animal pressure, then return to their original position.

The product is available in different high-tensile-wire types, including LifeWire, which is coated with zinc and aluminum for improved durability. Sinclair Taylor, the company manufacturing the fence in North America, plans to introduce an electric version of the fence.

Circle 113 on reply card, call 877-666-5656 or visit www.canyonfencing.com or freeproductinfo.net/hfg.