Grain Grinders

Burrows Enterprises, Greeley, CO, has two high-capacity Roto Grind grain processors. Model GG7 grinds 20-40 tons per hour while the GG10 grinds 35-60 tons/hour. Both come in three-point and self-loading hydraulic auger versions.

Roto Grind features easily adjustable grind settings and an optional water valve for adding moisture and controlling dust. The two models utilize 70-200 hp and handle up to 70%-moisture materials.
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Alfalfa Variety

America's Alfalfa introduces AmeriStand 403T, a new winterhardy variety. It earned a 1.7 winter survival rating at university trials, the highest ever for a commercial 4 dormancy variety. It has large roots and crowns that can produce as much as 5,461 lbs of mass per acre for more than 161 lbs of nitrogen/acre.

The variety is highly resistant to several diseases, including phoma crown rot, bacterial wilt, phytophthora root rot, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt and anthracnose.
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Front-End Loaders

Agco introduces two new lines of loaders for its Fendt tractor line. The 3S-63 and the 3S-70 fit the 400 and 700 series, respectively. These two factory-only models feature heavy-duty cast-iron mountings that attach to the tractor's frame.

For an after-purchase option, Agco offers the 450 HSL and 750 HSL (hydraulic self-leveling) loaders for the two tractor series. Each has a high-tensile-strength boom frame, a two-position lift height feature and a unique hydraulic multicoupler.
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Bale Processor

Haybuster's 2554 Balebuster is designed to process round bales of straw, grass and alfalfa hay and bale silage. It features a high-capacity blower, multiple-discharge spout options and optional hydraulic controls. The 2554 has a rotor access door for easy access to the 3¼", 4¼" or 6¼" × 9¼" cutting screens.
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Ag-Bag International has maximized its 6000 series bagger by introducing a new interchangeable tunnel. The G6060 has a 6' rotor and can be fitted for an 8' and/or 9' tunnel hood. The G6070 has a 7' rotor and can be fitted for a 9' and/or 10' tunnel hood. The machine can adapt to two tunnel sizes, allowing the bag size to match the feed-out rate for multicrop bagging.
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