Bale Stacker

The Auto Align Bale Runner 12K is a truck-pull, large square bale stacker designed to roadside up to 50 tons of hay per hour.

The unit, from Pro Ag Designs, Belgrade, MT, picks up and stacks twelve 3 × 3' bales, six 3 × 4' bales or four 4 × 4' bales with three hydraulic remote controls.

Four high-flotation tires and leaf spring suspension provide a smooth ride with low compaction. At 10' wide, it's safe on the road and stable on rough terrain.
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Rotary Rakes

Five new models of double and quad rotary rakes from Krone are designed for high-acreage and custom operators.

The rakes feature up to 13 tine arms per rotor, cardanic suspension and tridem axles, and hydraulic-fold rotors.

The KS-1500 offers the largest working width at 49', with a transport width of 9'8". It features center delivery with 52 tine arms and in-cab width and height controls.
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Dump Box

The Model 90 high-lift dump box from Victor is designed with large capacity, high lift and short cycle time for high-volume harvesting.

The 16' box has a 1,212-cu ft capacity with roof; dump height is variable with a pivot point from 10' to 15'. Master and slave cylinders raise loads uniformly without cables or pulleys, creating a faster cycle time of 1-1½ minutes. An extra-long 40" pouring lip allows for a dumping distance of 2-3' from the transport vehicle.

Victor is a Miller-St. Nazianz company distributing through John Deere dealers.
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Forage Harvesters

Claas of America's Jaguar 830, 850, 870, 890 and 900 self-propelled forage harvesters offer a clean chop, top-quality forage and high throughput in heavy work conditions.

A 29"-wide chopping cylinder scissor-cuts with 20 or 24 V-formation knives for excellent-quality chop. From-the-cab knife sharpening and shear bar adjustment minimizes the harvesters' power requirements and fuel consumption. Redesigned feed rollers offer a new length-of-cut gearbox with a hydraulic reverser and six cutting lengths.

Mercedes-Benz engines, featured on all units, are inline six cylinders on the 830, 850 and 870 models, and V-8s on the 890 and 900.
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Cut and condition hay fast with the Novacat disc mower-conditioner from Pöttinger U.S., Willmar, MN.

Spreading vanes distribute the conditioned crop over the whole mowed width. It's deposited in an even, airy blanket.

To form swaths, turn the swath boards and outer vanes inward. If the conditioner isn't needed, it can easily be removed by opening two quick-release couplings and removing the belts.
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Windrow Merger

The Twin Merger from H&S Manufacturing, Marshfield, WI, merges a crop to the left, right or both sides at once.

The 33'8" merging width hydraulically folds to 12'7" for transport. Head width can be adjusted individually up to 30" on each side. An optional, joystick-controlled electric-over-hydraulic head control allows the operator to slide each head up to 38" to accommodate different sized windrows.
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Silage Bagger

Ag-Bag International, Warrenton, OR, introduces the 10,000 HyPAC bagger that was designed for industrial use.

Powered by a John Deere PowerTech 500-hp diesel engine, the bagger features hydraulic powered anchor control for maximum compaction and elimination of cables. Silage is packed in bags up to 500' long.

Standard features include a sweeping hydraulic tunnel clean- out, 9' 6"-wide endless feed table belt and light package.

The John Deere Sound-Gard cab provides operator comfort with tinted windows, climate control, pressurized interior and multi-function power ports.
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