Crop Processor.

The CropPro Plus crop processor for New Holland's self-propelled FX forage harvesters chops and processes corn silage in one operation.

The optional module, placed between the cutter head and blower, crushes and cracks corn kernels and shears cobs and stems to produce high-fiber silage.
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Telescoping Loaders

John Deere will unveil two loaders with telescoping booms this August. The 3200 and 3400 Series Telehandlers provide extra reach at 18' and 23', respectively.

The rear-mounted engine acts as a counterweight while the boom pivot is in front of the rear axle, providing steadiness and reliability. Each model comes with a four-cylinder, 4.5-liter, 100-hp engine. The 3200 has a lift capacity of 3.1 tons; the 3400, 3.3 tons.
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The Disco 8500 C-8 mower-conditioner from Claas, Columbus, IN, is built for heavy usage. Designed to mount to the Jaguar 800 series forage harvesters, it has a working width of 27.3' and folds to 8.3' for transport.

The mower lays down three swaths per pass, providing a clean cut while the conditioner reduces drying time. The two outer and one central mower overlap and float independently to adapt to uneven ground.
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Weather Stations

Three WatchDog weather station models from Spectrum Technologies, Plainfield, IL, can be used to monitor, document and analyze site-specific growing conditions.

The 900ET field station provides the most comprehensive weather data and is designed to help schedule irrigation. The 700 and 600 models collect wind, temperature and moisture data.

All feature LCD display and integral data logger.
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Rodent Control

The Rodex 4000 system quickly eliminates burrowing rodents, according to Rodex Industries, Midvale, ID.

An applicator injects rodent holes with oxygen and propane. Once ignited, it instantly kills rodents and collapses the tunnel system. No chemicals are left.

Safety features include a check valve, flash arrester, time-delayed ignition and pressure sensor.
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Bale Processor

The self-loading BP7000 Bale Processor reduces hay loss and increases palatability, according to Vermeer, Pella, IA.

Hydraulic feed rollers rotate and loosen bales up to 6' in diameter for uniform feeding. A pto-powered drum processes hay into adjustable windrows on open range or along bunkers. Other features include a feed grate that adjusts feed rate and length of cut and a twine-slicing knife to prevent twine buildup.
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