Alfalfa, portrayed in part for its role as a major dairy and beef livestock feed, has been getting airtime on public television in the Upper Midwest.

Farm Connections, a show produced by PBS station KSMQ in Austin, MN, recently visited Gar-Lin Dairy in Eyota, MN. It filmed an episode about forages, focusing primarily on alfalfa.

The program runs for 26 minutes and touches on a variety of topics, including soil health, haylage, cows, ice cream, research and ag policy. It makes the points that alfalfa, as the nation’s fourth most valuable crop, protects the soil, provides valuable nutrients to subsequent crops and serves as habitat for many beneficial insects.

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Dairy producers Dean Allen and Dana Allen-Tully are featured on the program, along with Michael Russelle, USDA-Agricultural Research Service soil scientist; Matt Yost, University of Minnesota graduate student; and Chelsea Russell, Midwest Forage Association local council director.

The show has aired twice in southern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin and northern Iowa and will be aired periodically on KSMQ and other network partner stations throughout the year. It has been archived online and is already one of the most viewed Farm Connections episodes.

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