The National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance (NAFA) is seeking input from forage producers on how to improve the Forage APH (Actual Production History) Insurance Program. It’s asking growers to take a five-question survey on the subject.

The participation rate in the current alfalfa-forage insurance program, operated by USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) in 23 states, is less than 10%, notes NAFA associate director Jon Dockter. That compares to an 80% participation rate in similar programs for corn, soybeans and wheat.

“There are obviously a number of issues with the program that need to be addressed to make it more appealing for forage producers to participate,” he says.

NAFA is working with RMA on possible changes, Dockter adds. “We’d like to hear more from producers on what they think can be done to increase participation.”

This RMA fact sheet shows how the program works in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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