Look for high-quality dairy alfalfa prices in the Upper Midwest to stay on the high side through at least the first part of the upcoming growing season, says alfalfa grower Kendall Guither, Walnut, IL. “There isn’t going to be any hay left at the end of the spring, so first-crop prices are going to stay up there,” he says. “And if we get another wet spring like we had last year, demand will support second-crop prices.”

Guither puts up alfalfa baleage in 3 x 3 x 5½’ bales on 465 acres. Dairy farms – cows and goats – in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Ohio are his target market.

Strong demand pushed prices for supreme and premium alfalfa baleage steadily higher in his region throughout the fall. “In the early fall, the top-quality stuff was bringing around $200/ton (dry-hay basis). By December, it was bringing $230-275/ton. That was $30-40/ton higher than last year.”

Even with the strong prices, he was sold out by Dec. 1. “It was definitely a year for the record books,” he says.

To contact Guither, call 815-878-5175 or email kguither@cin.net.