More than $23 million has been awarded by the California Energy Commission to advance alternative-fuel development.

“These awards support innovative projects that provide a crucial boost to emerging fuels and vehicle technologies,” says Carla Peterman, California Energy Commissioner. “They support a range of efforts, from cutting-edge scientific research to the development of alternative fueling stations. They also benefit all Californians by creating jobs and improving air quality while helping to develop a diverse range of transportation options the state can rely on in the future.”

Funding comes from the Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118.

The University of California, Davis, was granted $2.7 million to research the comparative value, benefits and drawbacks of all types of alternative fuels in the state. The multidisciplinary research will be based at the university's Institute of Transportation Studies. Findings will be used to inform the Energy Commission's investment plans for AB 118 funds.

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