The National Hay Association (NHA) is hoping a recent facelift to its website will increase the organization’s visibility with the public, streamline member communication and generate new business opportunities.

“We wanted to be a little more proactive in keeping people informed about what’s going on in our association,” says Tim Hall, an Idalia, CO, hay producer who heads up NHA’s technology committee. “We also wanted to put a tool in place that would help members network and keep in touch with one another.”

In updating the site, Hall teamed up with Nevada Mease, a hay producer and dealer from Riegelsville, PA. Mease also serves on the technology committee. Initially, the pair worked with several outside web-development companies. But they decided to bring the project in-house and develop the site on their own.

“We started working on it over a year ago,” says Hall. "The most difficult part was finding a software package that did everything we wanted.”

"The older site was established years ago as an information site for potential new members," adds Mease. "Our goal this time was to come up with something that would allow for more daily member interaction, commerce and improved opportunities to promote members’ businesses. We're still fine-tuning, but we think what we have so far is very user-friendly."

The new site features pages devoted to NHA history, the organization’s code of ethics and by-laws, member photos, videos and upcoming events.

It also features a members-only portal with a searchable, interactive membership directory. NHA members can personalize contact profiles within the directory, including their names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, types of businesses and products/services offered. They can add links to their own business websites or social-media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Their business locations can also be pinpointed on a nationwide Google map on the site.

For more information about NHA or the updated website, contact Hall at 970-630-2111 or Mease at 610-656-1230.

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