An early warning system organized against pests affecting Pennsylvania agriculture and forestry is available online.

Called the Pennsylvania Pest Information Platform For Extension And Education (PA PIPE), the website was developed as a collaborative effort between Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences faculty, the state ag department and ZedX, Inc.

The models combine weather data and local observations from researchers, local growers, and specialists to predict key events in crop, insect, and disease development cycles. “The result is a spatial view of the development and significance of diseases, insects, weeds, and crop conditions for the entire Pennsylvania region,” according to the website.

The information is divided under headings including: Weather, All Crops (listing weeds) and Field Crops (listing crop phenology and insects). Simply choose what information you want from the menu to the right of the map. If you want to know in what stages alfalfa weevils are occurring across the state, choose “Alfalfa Weevil” under the “Insects” heading. The map will then show what information is available.

The system is intended to help target the timing and need for monitoring of key insects, diseases, and crops in the area – not to be used for making important economic management decisions.

It also offers weather information on: accumulative ambient degree days, the deviation from normal ambient degree days, 2”-soil-degree-day accumulations and the deviation from normal for 2”-soil-degree days.

For more information, contact a local county Extension office or Penn State’s entomology, plant pathology, or crops and soils science departments.

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