There’s still plenty of hay looking for a home in western Tennessee as winter winds down, reports grower Larry Jones, of Oakland, TN.

“We had a pretty rough winter, so people were feeding a lot more hay than normal,” says Jones, who is also president of the National Hay Association. “But we also had a very good year for production last year, so our supply was way up heading into the winter.”

Jones still has around 20 semi-loads of “good, mixed-grass hay” in 3 x 3 x 8’ bales for sale. His asking price is $80/ton at the farm gate. He also has a few 4 x 6’ round bales on hand. Those should sell for $40/roll at the farm, or up to $60 delivered, depending on distance from the farm and quantity purchased, he says. His remaining small squares come with a price tag of $200/ton.

For the most part, he says, current local hay prices are in line with where they were a year ago. “I really don’t see them going any higher until the general economy picks up.”

To reach Jones, call 901-229-0720 or email