Reed canarygrass looks like the best partner for kura clover in Minnesota pastures.

University of Minnesota researchers point out that kura clover is a persistent pasture legume. But it can cause bloat in cattle, so it should be seeded with a grass.

At two locations, they compared timothy, Kentucky bluegrass and orchardgrass as companion species for kura. They concluded that kura is too competitive for timothy or Kentucky bluegrass. Over several years, orchardgrass and reed canarygrass both maintained a better balance with the clover at both locations, but the kura-canarygrass mixture was higher-yielding.

"Based on our varieties and seeding rates, reed canarygrass appears to be the best grass species choice in mixture with kura clover across a range of environments," they say. "Orchardgrass may be an equally good companion for grazing in relatively cool, moist environments with consistent snow cover."