A new arrowleaf clover with high forage production and multiple disease resistance is on the market.

Blackhawk was developed by Gerald Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife Research forage breeder. The annual clover comes from lines with natural resistance to pythium ultimum, a fungal soil pathogen. It also shows tolerance to bean yellow mosaic virus, one of the most prevalent and damaging diseases of arrowleaf clovers.

Pythium ultimum can kill or damage germinating seed or clover seedlings. Other clovers, such as Apache or Yuchi, can be severely crippled by the disease.

“In contrast, Blackhawk is resistant to this disease, and only 33% of the seedlings showed any sign of damage due to fungal disease,” Smith says.

Blackhawk seed is black, but the color offers more than just a name. The seed's fungal disease resistance is linked to its dark pigmentation, a correlation Smith says has been known for some time.

Seed is available at Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op located in Sulphur Springs, Greenville and Canton, TX.

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