Mower Conditioner

MacDon's A30-S pull-type mower conditioner has been engineered to deliver improved cutting and conditioning performance. Its new, heavy-duty cutterbar design features a Z-shaped profile, making the cutterbar stronger along the horizontal and vertical planes and better-able to withstand impact from field obstacles.

Its 9"-diameter steel conditioning rolls can be easily unplugged from the tractor seat. Simply raise the header and the rolls will separate, providing power-through unplugging of any crop buildup.

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Moisture Sensor

Available in 2007, John Deere's HarvestLab moisture sensor for self-propelled forage harvesters uses near-infrared technology to deliver accurate moisture readings as crops are being harvested. Located in the harvester's spout, it takes moisture readings every second and sends them to a GreenStar display in the cab.

The sensor is accurate within plus or minus two percentage points. It can be removed from the chopper and placed on a desktop turntable to read moisture of ensiled crops at feed-out, using any laptop computer.

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Utility Vehicle

Bobcat's new 2300 4×4 utility vehicle features the unique RapidLink attachment arm that can lift 500-lb loads as high as 2'. The vehicle can be equipped with five specially designed attachments: a bucket, mower, pallet fork, snow blade and whisker plus broom. Users can operate and change attachments from the seat with an easy-to-operate joystick.

The 20-hp 2300 has many of the same features as the company's 2200 model, including the IntelliTrak drive system. When maximum traction is needed for climbing hills or traveling over soft terrain, the drive system automatically sends power to all four wheels.

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