Round Baler Series

New Holland's newest line of round balers — the BR series — produces bales ranging from 4 × 4' to 5 × 6'. It has five chamber sizes and eight distinct models to choose from.

The series' new XtraSweep pickups come in 71" and 82" widths. Its new EdgeWrap net wrapping system, available on all but the 4 × 4' model, provides over-the-edge net wrapping with conventional wide net material.

New Holland's exclusive bale slicing system is available on 4 × 5' and 5 × 6' models. And the new CropCutter rotary feeder-cutting system is on a 4 × 5' unit. It cuts the crop into pieces as short as 2.6" before it enters the bale chamber, producing easier-to-mix bales.
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Three-Tie Baler

The Model 380 three-tie baler is new from J.A. Freeman & Son, Portland, OR. It features a tail-less knotter and pickup and tension design.

An in-cab control box counts strokes and bales and controls bale tension. It also permits hydraulic swing hitch control, and fast raising and lowering of the pickup.
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Silage Inoculant

Forage Research, Inc., St. Joseph, MO, offers a starter culture inoculant specifically formulated for large-scale and custom harvesting.

Highly concentrated, non-toxic and non-corrosive, Sila-Prime “S” 4X allows harvesters to treat large volumes of silage evenly at the chopper, blower or loader. One pound of this water-soluble product treats 100 tons of silage at 50% moisture or above.
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Heavy-Duty Loaders

The 662 and 882 Farmhand loaders from AGCO, Duluth, GA, provide advanced engineering, computerized subarc welding and coating techniques, giving greater strength and durability.

Both loaders come with 6, 7 and 8' buckets with matching tine packages, three- and four-tine grapple forks, single- and double-prong bale spears, a pallet fork and a 6' manure fork. Maximum lift capacities and heights are 5,100 lbs and 12'9" for the 662 and 5,390 lbs and 15'11" for the 882.
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Moisture Testers

The F-Series hay moisture testers from Delmhorst, Towaco, NJ, come in three models.

The FX-2000 features digital display, moisture content monitoring during baling and a moisture range of 8-40%. The F-2000 also comes with digital display and the same moisture range. The F-6, with an analog display, is available with a moisture range of 6-30% or 14-40%.
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Three New Alfalfas

Hytest Seeds, Boulder City, NV, introduces three new alfalfa varieties.

Hytest 410 boasts outstanding yield potential and forage quality with a late fall dormancy rating of 3.9 and a winter survival of 1. Exceptionally fast recovery, high yield and superior persistence in Northern climes are Hytest 520's claims to fame. Both alfalfas are highly resistant to crown and root rot diseases.

Hytest 340PLH's level of resistance to potato leafhoppers is two to three times higher than that of early PLH varieties. Even with little leafhopper pressure, it produces high yields and forage quality, according to the company.
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