Silage Baler

John Deere's 582 Silage Special round baler precuts the crop before it enters the bale chamber. The variable chamber makes bales 4' wide and up to 5' tall. The powerline that drives the baler from the tractor has an 80-degree constant-velocity U-joint for increased maneuverability, reduced vibration and longer life.

A high-capacity, 78"-wide pickup has four toothbars and a low-profile, 10"-diameter pickup drum.

“The exclusive design allows for smoother crop retrieval from the field and into the baler, reducing overall crop loss,” says Deere's Ryan Schmidt.
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Silage Facer

The Silage Mill, an attachment for skid-steer loaders from Erskine Attachments, Erskine, MN, minimizes spoilage. It easily removes silage without disturbing the main pile.

It's raised by the skid-steer boom to the top of the pile for each new bite. A rotor with 52 bi-directional teeth turns slowly, gently removing silage as the unit is lowered down the face of the pile.
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Automatic Alarm

The Farm Alarm from HayTech LLC, Klamath Falls, OR, has a humidity alarm, a rising and falling temperature alarm and a dewpoint alarm.

The simple device automatically awakens the user when conditions are right for raking and baling. Simply adjust the unit to the desired setting and the alarm will go off and a dial will light up.
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Corn Silage Inoculant

Pioneer's 11C33 corn silage inoculant has two strains of bacteria. L. plantarum speeds fermentation and lowers the pH, conserving sugars and starches in the silage. L. buchneri improves aerobic stability, keeping the silage fresher and cooler in storage and in the feedbunk.

“The result is better-quality, more nutritious, more palatable corn silage that can provide better animal performance,” says Gene Gengelbach, Pioneer inoculants product manager.
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Bale Loader

Load two midsize square bales simultaneously with the Haying Mantis 3×3 Special from Justice Enterprises, Sterling, CO. It can handle bales already paired up by an accumulator, or using the “grab-and-go” approach.

It can load 18 bales in as little as four minutes, and be used on all sizes of large and midsize square bales.
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Spreader Line

Kuhn Knight's new 8100 series ProTwin Slingers come in five models ranging from 1,240 to 4,000 gallons. They feature the Bedder Spreader as standard equipment to control the spread pattern near fencelines, roadways, etc.

Through-hardened universal hammers improve the spread pattern and hammer wear characteristics. Heavier flighting and hoppers are included on two midsize models, and bigger models have a newly designed front oil bath shield that provides a better seal.
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Pivot Fencepost

The Pivotal Post, from Pivotal Fencing Systems, Yuma, CO, is designed for rotational grazing under center-pivot irrigation. Made of fiberglass, it's attached to a cast aluminum base via a heavy-duty spring. The post is pulled over as the pivot crosses the fence, then springs back into its upright position.

A wire diverter must be attached to each sprinkler tower base beam. After the pivot tire has pulled the wire down to the ground, the diverter keeps the wire from catching on the pivot's drive line, gearboxes, etc.
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Forage Analyzer

The InfoSat FA2000 is an NIR spectrometer for quickly testing forages in the field or on site. It analyzes haylage and other forages in about 30 seconds with accuracy approximating 1-2% variation from lab analysis. It comes with laptop, installed software and printer for immediate setup and operation.
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