Windrow Merger

The 2109 windrow merger from Gehl Company is designed with a proven 9' pickup that lifts crop onto a wide belt conveyor. The pickup drive is hydraulically driven and has a variable-speed flow control to match pickup speed to ground speed and crop conditions.

The cross conveyor can be tailored to the user's mower-conditioner or crop conditions, and moved a total of 24" left or right.
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Cuts Twine From Bales

Warren & Baerg's D-Stringer automatically cuts and pulls twine from bales and drops it into a container using one 3-hp motor. Automated and manual controls are available.
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Rotary Rake

Miller Pro's 12½'-diameter single-rotor rake has a raking width up to 15½'. It folds to a transport width of 8'3". Its 13-arm gear box gives large rotor support; its cam-adjust lever moves to multiple positions to fine-tune the crop discharge point.
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Rotary Tedder

The 130A rotary tedder from Pottinger has a 41'8" working width and hydraulically folds for a transport width of 9'6". Its heavy-duty flat tine is mounted between two steel discs for maximum strength.
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Automatic Bale Wagon

Two new self-propelled automatic bale wagon models from New Holland offer fast, efficient bale handling.

The BW28 has a long frame and load rack for easily loading a variety of two- and three-tie bales. The BW38 is designed for three-bale-wide stacks of 14 × 18" or 16 × 18" bales.
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The PTD12 Spoke Conditioner is new to Challenger/AGCO's PTD line of mower-conditioners. The spokes strip the waxy layer off of stems instead of crimping the crop.

The machine has an easy-hookup drawbar swivel hitch that offers great maneuverability. Its center-pivot design allows the mower to operate on either side of the tractor. The cutterbar's spur-gear design allows for a low profile and a cut down to 1.25".
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