Tractor Series

New Holland and McCormick International offer new tractor series. New Holland's TL Standard tractors, ranging from 66 to 82 pto horsepower, are well-suited for loader work and haying. Each model is available with two- or four-wheel drive and with a cab or ROPS.

The tractors have 12 × 12 SynchroCommand mechanical shuttle transmissions that permit on-the-go shifting, and four-cylinder, 238-cu in engines.

The McCormick tractor rebirth has produced three tractor series. The CX has four models with horsepower ranging from 73 to 102; the MC's three models range from 90 to 115 hp and the MTX four-tractor series ranges from 118 to 176 hp.
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Hesston's 12' 1345 center-pivot disc mower-conditioner features a choice of three crimp rollers for a wide variety of crops and conditions. It also has a new turbulence-reduction roll for better performance and an optional swivel hitch for making short, clean work of irregular fields.

Cutting is done by eight counter-rotating discs with two swing-away, reversible knives per disc. A modular spur-gear design permits each gear assembly and adjacent idler gear to be individually removed and serviced.
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Silage Additives

Renk Seed Co., Sun Prairie, WI, introduces Advantage FS370 DF and FS320 WS forage fermentation enhancers. FS370 is dry-flowable; FS320 is water-soluble. Both contain three strains of bacteria and enzyme catalysts that rapidly lower the pH of silage.

Both contain 125,000 colony-forming units per gram vs. 100,000 for some competitive products.
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Hay Tarp

The Farmboy Advantage hay tarp system, from Farmboy Online, Montrose, CO, is designed to save farmers money while protecting hay from the elements.

The tarp is made of 18-oz material that's UV-protected and mildew-resistant. It has a cold crack rating of -45° and a grab tensile strength of 325 lbs.

The tarp housing and hardware are made of 16-gauge aluminum for durability and portability. The system can be operated from the ground by one person.
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Stack Monitor

TSGC, Inc., Spirit Lake, IA, has developed a temperature monitoring system for the hay storage industry. The cables are laid in hay stacks up to 300' long and are read with a hand-held portable instrument.

The cables provide accurate temperature information throughout the length of the stack for safe, long-term storage.
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