Hay Mergers

Frontier Equipment has introduced the HM Series hay mergers. Multiple windrows can be combined into one with a 9' standard model or a 9' or 12' Hydro-Swing, side-pull model. All are designed to stand up to rigorous field conditions. Left or right merging can be easily switched with quick-disconnect hoses. All three mergers are equipped with heavy-duty, 42" wide-ribbed cross conveyors.

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Silo Unloader

The XL 200 unloader for Harvestores, replacing Goliath and Alliance unloaders, easily fits existing structures, according to Engineered Storage Products Co., DeKalb, IL. The unloader's 25-hp variable-speed direct drive gives the cutter chain a running force of 4,900 lbs compared to the Alliance's 1,800 lbs.

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Software Program

HayManager, from Ag-Biz Solutions, LLC, is a comprehensive software program developed by a hay grower to help manage hay operations. It allows users to keep track of unlimited owners, each with unlimited ranches, fields and barns, and also works for brokers who buy and sell crops.

The program tracks inventory on a field-by-field basis and on every activity done to each field. A demo is available on the Web site listed below.

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John Deere's 600 and 800 Series rotary mower-conditioners, designed with new features to improve windrow formation and simplify adjustment and serviceability, come with an industry-exclusive three-year cutterbar warranty. The cutterbar on all models has a shear hub design to protect its internal gears and to allow for easier, faster and less-expensive repairs.

A new swathboard has been added to improve windrow formation. The side-pull and mid-pivot machines come in cutting widths ranging from 8'2" to 11'6".

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Electric Tub Grinder

The H-1100 Tilt Series II Tub Grinder is powered by an electric motor and features a tub that tilts up to 65° to open up access to the hammermill and drive components. That eases maintenance, according to its manufacturer, Haybuster, Jamestown, ND. Its Big Bite hammermill, with a diameter of 26" and a length of 50", grinds hay; ear, shelled and high-moisture corn; sorghum; all feed-quality grains; corn stover; straw; switchgrass and more.

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