Rotary Tedders

The new GF 13002 and GF 17002 are Kuhn North America's largest rotary tedders, with working widths of 42'8” and 56'5”, respectively. They provide exceptional tedding quality, resulting in a crop that is fully tedded over the entire width, and is uniformly spread to maximize drying.

Each of the rotor gearboxes is sealed and lubed for life and is driven by the company's Digidrive system, reducing maintenance. Both machines have 7'10” transport widths.
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Vertical Mixer

Patz Sales, Inc., has introduced a new truck mount to its Model 2400 twin screw vertical mixer series. The mixers are available in 810 and 950 cu ft with a mixing capacity up to 1,100 cu ft with optional side extensions. They feature a reliable hydraulic system to drive the mixer planetaries. A cooling system maintains a lower, uniform temperature for the hydraulic oil to improve oil life.
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Feed Chopper

The Final Cut Feed Chopper attachment cuts crop to 3" or less, helping producers maximize feed intake and minimize waste and spoilage, according to Vermeer Corp. Designed to work exclusively on Vermeer BP8000 Bale Processors, the machine chops long, coarse, stringy, frozen or wet material to shorter lengths for use in livestock feeding and bedding. It also allows operators to produce TMR-ready chopped forages and take advantage of ethanol co-products.
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Square Balers

New Holland's BB9060 and BB9080 3 × 3' and 3 × 4' square balers produce consistent, dense bales that stack well and withstand repeated handling. New features include a narrow hitch for greater maneuverability and oil-immersed gearboxes and automatic greasing for reduced service requirements and improved durability.

A number of design modifications improve bale density up to 5%, including a new knotter design.
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Bale Processor

Frontier Equipment's BP1166 Bale Processor handles round bales up to 1,500 lbs and is semi-mounted to a tractor's three-point hitch for easy maneuverability. The self-loading unit rotates the bale and forage is chopped into designated lengths. Dry hay from the outside of the bale mixes with fresh hay from the inside and the hay can be spread in a uniform windrow.
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