New Bucket Design

▪ Versa Corporation announces a new jaw design on its line of Versa Buckets. The new design allows the bucket to scrape along edges to improve silage handling. The jaws produce a self-filling effect when closing.

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Silage Bagger

▪ Ag-Bag International has introduced the G7010PAC, an addition to its 7000 series silage baggers. The G7010PAC is fitted with a 10' tunnel hood, tunnel extensions and an endless feed table. The tunnel anchor eliminates the need for a cable backstop.

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Vertical Mixers

▪ The VertaMix, a straight-sided vertical mixer from Mohrlang Mfg, Brush, CO, is available in truck, trailer or stationary models. Two models, the 500 and 600, feature a single vertical auger, while the 750, 900 & 1200 have double vertical augers.

All models have fewer moving parts and a simplified discharge. The trailer-mounted mixers feature a power-shift drive that reduces start-up power requirements and allows for faster, more even clean-out.

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Multi-Screw Mixers

▪ Schuler Mfg, Griswold, IA, is introducing three new series of multi-screw vertical mixers. Trailer- and truck-mounted models in 550, 750 and 1,050 cu ft classes are available. Extensions are available to increase capacity.

All models feature sequential front-to-back mixing between screw augers, forced and positive by a timed, overlapping rotation sequence. Directional baffles in the mixing chambers are smaller and positively influence feed exchange.

The 750 and 1050 class models feature infinitely variable speed from 1 rpm to maximum clean-out speed.

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Alfalfa Varieties

▪ Garst Seed Company, Slater, IA, announces three new alfalfa varieties. Garst 6325, a fifth-generation PLH variety, offers high leafhopper resistance and has excellent winter survival, forage quality and disease tolerance. Its fall dormancy rating: 3.

Garst 6400HT (fall dormancy 4) has high tolerance to wheel traffic, plus high resistance to seven major diseases. Garst 6530 is a high-yielding, semidormant variety (fall dormancy 5) for Western and Southern growers. It boasts good winter survival, high yields and disease resistance.

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Adjustable Forks

▪ Available in two models, KJS Products' Uni-Fork is an adjustable bale fork that fits a variety of loader buckets. Designed to fit three-point and quick hitches, the Uni-Fork is easy on and off in 10 seconds with one pin.

The Model 2500 can carry two large square or round bales. An option on the Model 1500 is telescoping teeth that boost carrying capacity to match that of the Model 2500.

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Pivotal Post

▪ Pivotal Fencing Systems' pivotal post simplifies cross-fencing in center-pivot irrigation grazing systems. It's a flexible, fiberglass post mounted to a spring-loaded, cast-aluminum base anchored to the ground with a steel T-post.

A wire guide mounted to the bottom of the pivot section bends the pivotal post over when the sprinkler passes over the top. The post bounces back up once the sprinkler has passed.

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▪ Dairy Tech has a new a line of pasteurizers for waste milk and colostrum. Each batch pasteurizer features a dedicated heater and easily cleaned surfaces. They're designed to be cheaper and require less maintenance than continuous flow systems.

They're simple to operate, too. Push one button and the entire cycle is completed without observation.

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Hydraulic Rake

▪ Vermeer's new R-28 TwinRake sweeps up to 28' wide. The raking width is hydraulically controlled from 20-28' while windrow width is variable from 3-6'. An in-cab monitor allows the operator to adjust raking width, windrow widths and switch from transport-ready to field-ready without leaving the tractor seat.

The R-28 combines a 5×7" rectangular steel main frame with a continuous round cross-section toolbar. Each side features a heavy-duty, seven-bar basket with 182 rubber-mounted tines per basket. Transport width is 102".

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