High-Power Windrower

John Deere's 4995 Windrower with 994 rotary platform comes with increased horsepower and torque over its previous model 4990. Touting a 6.8L PowerTech engine with 182 hp, it's the largest horsepower rotary windrower on the market, according to the company.
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Vertical Mixer

Knight Manufacturing, Brodhead, WI, introduces a new model to its Verti-Maxx mixer line. The model has 320-cubic-foot capacity and features the patented Bull Gear Drive. Its twin-auger design provides fast mixing, efficient bale processing and low loading heights compared to single-auger verticals.
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Round Bale Belt Splice

A hinged-plate mechanical belt splice for round hay balers has been developed by Flexco, Downers Grove, IL. The Alligator rivet fastener offers the longer life typical of plate-type splicing — with fast and easy installation.

The unit installs without removing the belt from the baler or turning it over to peen the underside. It accepts ⅛-7/32" belt thicknesses and accommodates all types of baler belts. Splice lengths are 4", 7", 10" and 14".
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Batwing Rotary Cutter

Woods Equipment Co., Oregon, IL, offers the BW180, a flexible-wing rotary cutter. Its sloped top deck sheds water and other debris to help reduce corrosion. A deep side frame increases capacity.

The company's quick-change blade pin allows for fast, easy blade maintenance and the standard spring-loaded wheel yoke reduces stress loads.
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Degree-Day Recorder

The WeatherTracker product line from Spectrum Technologies, Plainfield IL, monitors air temperature and calculates degree-days and chill hours. Depending on the model, rainfall, soil temperature and moisture or quantum light may be measured. It displays current conditions, recalls the last 30 days of high/low temperatures and the last 12 months of historical weather data.
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Disc Mowers

Claas of America introduces its Disco 250, 290, 2650 and 3050 disc mowers.

The 250 and 290 are designed so individual drive units can be removed from mowing bars. The 250's cutting width is 8'; the 290 has a 9'4" cutting width.

The heavy-duty 2650 and 3050 each has a defined shear point above the satellite pinion gear. That allows the shaft to snap without damaging a cutterbar while a hex bolt in the pinion shaft prevents the disc from flying away. The 2650 has an 8'6" cutting width; the 3050's is 9'10".
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