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Eric Bosloor

Public Relations, Super Cheap Storage

Career Summary:

With one foot into the Marketing and Advertising world, and another in the actual marketplace, Eric Bosloor is the perfect man to help the Supercheap Storage brand name really get miles ahead of all its competitors.


Eric has always strived to understand more about people all over the world, he finds anthropology rather intriguing. Unsurprisingly, one of his favourite past times is people-watching on Bondi Beach in Sydney, close to his hometown of Mascot. “It’s interesting to see how people value their time and what they’ll use it to do. It’s helped a lot in our research for Supercheap Storage’s main business model - to help people with convenient storage services, both in terms of time and cost-savings.” He says


Being on the go nowadays has even been pivotal to Eric’s work with Supercheap Storage. Having the time while in transit has helped him to sit down and focus on looking into the latest social media discussions and channels to find out about the most recent innovations and advancements that can also continue to help Supercheap Storage as a company to stay ahead of the curve.


And how we are doing that is by ensuring that as a company, Supercheap Storage will anticipate the needs of each of our customers who come through our doors. Yes, that means each and every one of our specialists, removalists, fork-lift operators, security staff, front desk staff and more are all going to work together to make sure you get the best storage experience you’ve ever had!


At the Supercheap storage Sydney Facility, you can look forward to round the clock protection for your items because we want to give you the peace of mind that your items are in the safest hands. Our facilities are 100% weather proof, but we’ll even take the extra precaution by lifting your personal storage units a few inches off the ground so that moisture and dirt can’t collect around the unit while it’s in storage. At the same time, the material of your personal portable storage unit is porous and made of the finest quality industrial-strength plywood to ensure that even the internal environment of the storage unit is kept fresh and clean.


Our Supercheap Storage staff are also well trained to be able to advise you of anything storage related if you’ve got a nagging question about how we store your items or about how best to store your items. We constantly undergo training so that our staff can also be kept up to date with tips and tricks to maximise and get the most out of storage space. Again, this is facilitated through Eric’s diligent research work that we can share with you this special information about storage maintenance and upkeep.


Supercheap storage in Northern Suburbs wants to make sure that we do our best for you and in case we’ve missed anything out or if you find an area that we can improve on, we still would love to hear from you. We’ll be steadfast in our promise to you to be the best Storage Solution you can find in Australia!

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