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A new, lower cost preservative applicator system is now available for all brands of round balers. The recently introduced 300 Series measures crop moisture accurately and applies the exact required amount of preservative to hay as it’s baled to avoid deterioration, maintain quality and protect animal health. Along with its lower cost, the new 300 Series is smaller, more compact, while easier to install and maintain than the previous system.

As a major benefit for operators, the new system uses an Apple iPad® or iPad Mini for its display monitor (sold separately). It is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and serves as a bright, colorful, vivid, interactive display.

The 300 System provides safe and efficient baling of hay up to 30% moisture, and accurately reads moisture up to 60% for baleage storage. Baling at higher moisture produces a heavier, denser bale, adding more tonnage per cutting. The 300 Series preservative applicator is designed and manufactured by Harvest Tec, and available from main line dealers.

Harvest Tec also manufactures hay preservative, uniquely formulated to have a neutral pH of 6.0 — the same as rainwater. It is absolutely safe for animals and harvesting equipment. It preserves hay color, prevents nutrient loss and avoids accidental feeding of hay that otherwise would have spoiled inside the bale. Hay preservative is considered to be low cost insurance to protect the quality of this valuable livestock feed. Preservative treated hay is perfectly safe to feed to all animals, while avoiding mold-related issues.

Economically, baling hay at peak quality and applying hay preservative provides a positive return. Recent hay pricing gathered from hay producing states shows that premium quality hay averages about twice the selling price of fair quality hay.

Maintain the high quality and value of your hay. Ask your local dealer about the new 300 Series preservative applicator specifically for round balers.

Harvest Tec leads the industry in pioneering innovation for harvesting high quality hay. For more information, visit or call (800) 635-7468.