Seth Hoyt
Author of The Hoyt Report, providing hay market analysis and insight.

Alfalfa hay exports were higher in March to the two leading alfalfa hay export destinations for U.S. alfalfa. China, the biggest buyer of U.S. alfalfa hay, purchased the most alfalfa hay from the West Coast since August of last year. Alfalfa hay exports to China in March at 121,371 metric tons (MT) were up 65 percent from the 73,814 MT a year ago and up from the 109,541 MT in February of this year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Alfalfa hay exports to China slipped last fall due to low milk prices and ample hay inventories, but they are on the rise again. Exports of U.S. alfalfa hay to Saudi Arabia at 36,165 MT were up 67 percent from the 21,613 in March of last year and 18,574 MT in February of this year. After reaching a record high 41,871 MT this past December, alfalfa hay exports to Saudi Arabia declined for a couple of months. But like China, they are moving higher again.