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Smith Seed Services is pleased to announce that they have been granted the exclusive worldwide production and marketing rights for CCS 779 daikon radish. In the past, CCS 779 has been widely used in the cover crop marketplace under a popular brand name and is known as the industry standard for cover crop radishes. It is recognized for its large tap root, ability to scavenge and store nutrients, reduce soil compaction, and suppress weeds.

CCS 779 was the first US variety developed specifically for cover crop usage. Development work began on CCS 779 in 2001 with Dr. Ray Weil at the University of Maryland and Steve Groff. Varietal development was completed by Dr. Virginia Lehman. CCS 779 obtained Plant Varietal Protection in 2014. CCS 779 has be tested and acclaimed worldwide.

CCS 779 is now only sold with Oregon Certified grown tags, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. For further information on distribution opportunities and purchase information, contact Smith Seed Services at 888-550-2930 or visit

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