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Field trials of a new soil amendment technology, Cool Terra, are showing an increase in alfalfa yield by more than 18 percent compared to control groups. Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon is a consistent, durable, and stabilized form of carbon produced from biomass which can increase plant yield by improving soil structure, increasing water and nutrient availability and creating a unique habitat for soil microbes.

The independent trials, conducted in California’s Central Valley, began at planting in April 2016. One trial compared a standard grower program of inputs on two alfalfa fields, with one receiving an application of Cool Terra. After three harvests, the Cool Terra treated field yielded 18.1 percent more alfalfa pounds per acre. Another trial in the same location tested results using 30 percent less fertilizer and 10 percent less water. Under these conditions, the Cool Terra treated field yielded 18.3 percent more alfalfa than the control.

These trials are ongoing in 2017, with no additional application of Cool Terra needed due to its durability. Drew Jackson, segment leader for production agriculture at Cool Planet, says early data from this spring shows a similar trend in results. “Cool Terra is consistent and predictable and we expect it to contribute to higher yields throughout the life of an alfalfa stand without re-application,” said Jackson.

Cool Planet is executing the most extensive trial program yet for its Cool Terra soil enhancement product with more than 120 live field trails with third-party independent and university researchers. In addition to alfalfa, the trials span the spectrum of crops across the United States from fruits and vegetables to commodity row crops.

This is the third season of field trials for Cool Terra. More than 50 recent field trials conducted by third-party independent researchers showed that Cool Terra technology delivers, on average, a 15 percent improvement in yield when compared to the grower standard. Cool Terra treated plots outperformed yield of the untreated plots 90 percent of the time.

Jackson says more than half of this season’s trials are commercial-scale demonstrations that have been set up with Cool Terra distribution partners including CPS, Helena, Simplot, AgRx and Triangle.

“Growers want innovative products that can help them be good stewards of their land while increasing yields. And distributors want to provide those products,” said Jackson. “We’re confident these trials will provide more data to show that Cool Terra contributes to sustainability and profitability for growers.”

About Cool Planet and Cool Terra

Cool Planet was founded in 2009 to commercialize a groundbreaking technology that produced both renewable fuel and Engineered Biocarbon from biomass. The company is currently focused on deploying its proprietary Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon products. Cool Terra delivers sustainability and profitability for agriculture, landscape, turf, nursery and ornamental markets. Cool Terra was named a Gold Edison Award winner for innovation in agricultural technology in 2015. Learn more about the Cool Terra Engineered Biocarbon technology at, on Twitter at @CoolPlanet and on Facebook at Contact the company about Cool Terra at or (888) 564-9332.