Legend Seeds has recently partnered with two independent seed companies: Carhart's Blue Top Seed in Galesville, Wis., and Lemke Seed in Mequon, Wis. The three companies have joined forces to provide an expanded line of products and services to Wisconsin farmers.

"We are aligning three strong regional companies to make an even stronger company for our dealers and customers," said Legend Seeds' President Glen Davis. "By joining forces, we can provide the best customer service, the best products for this area and still be cost competitive with other major brands in the region."

Legend Seeds, based in De Smet, S.D., is a leading independent regional seed company that serves farmers in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska and Canada.

By partnering, the three companies can offer expanded product testing, agronomic support and customer service. Growers will have an expanded line of hybrids and varieties to choose from. Legend Seeds, one of the nation's largest independent seed companies, is licensed with all trait providers and is not limited in the products and technologies it can provide. The company offers a complete portfolio of corn, dual-purpose corn, soybean, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa and grass seeds.

"Legend Seeds makes a good partner for us because of their depth of products, people and services they can provide," said Tom Carhart, president of Carhart's Blue Top Seed.

"They already have a full team of account managers and agronomists in place to serve our customers, and they have an extensive testing program to select products specifically for our area. Our customers will now have access to a complete line of seed for all the crops that they grow."

Rick Lemke, president of Lemke Seed, said the companies are a good fit. "Legend Seeds is a bigger company, but they have the same small-company values as Lemke Seed. They are a northern seed company and understand our geography," said Lemke.

"Partnering with Legend Seeds allows us to round out our seed lineup with earlier- and later-maturing hybrids as well as a more robust soybean product line. It also enhances our ability to consistently produce high-quality seed in sufficient quantity."

Both Rick Lemke and Tom Carhart play active roles in the combined company and work closely with Glen Davis. Lemke serves on the product selection committee, the transition management team and will manage the Mequon site. Carhart provides customer support and manages the Galesville location.

For the 2016 growing season, all seed supplies and products will be marketed through Legend Seeds and its Legend Seeds and JSC brands. The company's website is www.legendseeds.net.