Nov. 14, 2017 10:24 AM

Three CLAAS products selected for AE50 Awards for agricultural innovation.

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CLAAS of America was recently honored to have three of its products selected for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) 2017 AE50 Product Awards. Products honored for agricultural innovation were the JAGUAR 900 Series Forage Harvester, EASY on board app and the CLAAS Grain Quality Camera.

The AE50 awards program emphasizes the role of new products and systems in bringing advanced technology to the marketplace. These engineering developments help farmers, food processors and equipment manufacturers increase efficiency, enhance quality, improve safety, and increase profits. Each AE50 winner is hand-selected by a panel of engineering experts.

“It is an honor to be recognized for three AE50 awards, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team and appreciative of our dealers and customers,” said Leif Magnusson, President, CLAAS Global Sales Americas. “With all CLAAS innovation, our goal is to ensure a better harvest with premium products designed for maximum throughput, efficiency and reliability.”

The CLAAS products selected for the 2017 AE50 Awards include:

JAGUAR 900 Series Forage Harvester

The CLAAS JAGUAR 900 Series represents the widest range of self-propelled forage harvesters in the world. This series uses the power of multiple features that work together optimally to ensure cost-effective chopping to the highest professional standards under all field conditions. These features include an optional hydraulic header drive allowing operators to adjust header speed from the cab for changing conditions, a heavy-duty axle with optional differential lock which improves traction in hilly and wet conditions, the CLAAS AUTO FILL system and the Rear AUTO FILL system.

CLAAS EASY on board app

The EASY on board app is a symbiosis of two existing technologies: a consumer tablet and ISOBUS technology. Together, they increase the flexibility, efficiency and comfort of machine operation. This technology allows access to all key machine data and comprehensive personal information in the field. In addition, the EASY on board app includes a task management menu that can record jobs like bale count or worked acres.

CLAAS Grain Quality Camera

The CLAAS Grain Quality Camera is a high-definition color camera that monitors the quality of grain in the clean grain elevator and displays those images on the CEBIS MOBILE monitor. The camera takes high-quality photos of the grain flow every second to calculate the real-time amount of foreign matter and broken kernels traveling into the grain tank. The technology not only keeps the operator’s attention forward, it also provides more accurate feedback to optimize combine adjustments.

Companies from around the world submit entries to the annual AE50 competition and up to 50 of the best products are chosen by a panel of international engineering experts. The judges select innovative products that will best advance engineering for the food and agriculture industries.

Winners will be featured in the January/February 2018 special issue of ASABE’s magazine Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World. For more details, visit


ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Further information on the Society can be obtained by visiting


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