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TracPacker LLC offers perennial forage producers the ability to move only the necessary amount of soil to fill irrigation wheel tracks back to field level. It was designed and developed by Nebraska no-till farmer Dan Gillespie. The TracPacker system is the only pivot track closer that uses the weight of the tractor on rubber tires to form a filled pivot track. The compaction induced by the weight of the tractor keeps TracPacker-filled tracks shallow and stable throughout the year.

The TracPacker is designed to run in hydraulic float mode, meaning it is a hands-off operation as the machine responds to variable field topography and changing track depths on the go. All the operator has to do is lower the machine into the track and drive. The minimal disturbance concept also is a soil health-friendly factor. The TracPacker is the only pivot track closer that allows the operator to look forward comfortably during operation, offering a better work experience.

For alfalfa growers, the minimal disturbance TracPacker concept just uncovers those perennial plant crowns instead of cutting them off and compromising the stand. For more information, visit