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Patz Corporation is pleased to announce the new 1600 Series II Twin-Screw Trailer Vertical Mixer as the next evolution in Balanced Flow™ Technology. The Series II offers Precision Feeding Trailer options and features an affordable, re-designed uni-body frame.

The new 1600 Series II 620 Vertical Mixer includes an optional front door with multiple front door conveyor discharge options. The front discharge conveyor is trailer mounted only. A standard viewing platform for monitoring TMR mixing and recessed LED lights in rear bumper are added safety features. This mixer also has (4) 285/70R19.5 Hybrid Implement tires with DOT spec’d truck sidewalls (duals).

Standard 1600 Series I and II Balanced Flow™ features include Patz Patented contoured baffles and twin Tru Taper™ V-Screw with Dual Kicker (34” or 44”). Choice of screw top options include cone or multi-angle depending on ration being mixed. Four hitch types are available: clevis, single tang, articulating ball, and BullPull™. Drive packages offered are a manual 2-speed or 1000 RPM Direct Drive package.

The Patz 1600 Series I 620 Vertical Mixer will continue to be offered.

As with all of our mixer lines, the 1600 Series II vertical mixers are able to handle a wide

variety of ingredients, from large round or square bales that are wet or dry. Our vertical mixer line offers a consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of the batch size.

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