Aug. 27, 2019 02:27 PM

Advanced technology and increased power deliver ultimate connectivity and productivity

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As the demand and workload of producers continues to grow, Case IH is expanding the AFS Connect™ Magnum™ series tractor lineup with a new 400 horsepower model. Combining Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology with increased power, the AFS Connect Magnum 400 gives producers the freedom to adjust, manage, monitor and transfer data the way they want. In addition to a redesigned cab, new AFS Vision Pro operating system, AFS Pro 1200 display, and Automated Brake Assisted Steering, this new model features 435 peak horsepower so producers can farm their way.

“We’re unlocking a level of connectivity and remote monitoring never before seen in a Magnum tractor,” said Jay Barth, Case IH high-horsepower marketing manager. “We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the Magnum family. The goal of infusing AFS Connect with a 400 horsepower Magnum is to help improve producers’ workflow, productivity and efficiency for those demanding jobs that require additional power.”

New AFS Connect™ Magnum™ 400 tractors from Case IH provide connectivity, visibility and increased power that allow farm managers to make better-informed decisions while increasing productivity.
Ultimate connectivity and support

The AFS Connect portal is a gateway to the AFS Connect Magnum series tractor. It allows producers to precisely manage their farm, fleet and data from a desktop or mobile device anywhere while securely transferring data to and from the cloud. Users can log in to AFS Connect to view current field operations, fleet information, agronomic data and more, remotely keeping an eye on their operation, whether they are in or outside the cab. Farm owners and managers then have the freedom to share selected agronomic data — down to the field level — with third-party partners of their choosing.

Added connectivity with these three features provides more support, reducing downtime and keeping operators in the field:
  1. Remote display viewing allows a manager or dealer to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab to help identify problems and gain deeper insight.

  2. Dealers can also use remote service support to remotely identify maintenance and service needs to proactively determine what parts are needed, without ever needing to visit the operation

  3. Remote software updates allows for wireless updates to the operating system.
“The integrated technology in the AFS Connect Magnum series tractor enables seamless communication between producers and their trusted partners and providers, whether 3 miles or 300 miles away,” said Chris Dempsey, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems marketing manager. “The AFS Connect Magnum gives you the freedom to farm the way you want. It provides countless opportunities to maximize in-field productivity but also gives peace of mind that everything is running smoothly when life pulls you out of the field.”

Increased horsepower drives productivity

The driving force behind the AFS Connect Magnum 400 is the upgraded 21-by-5 transmission, 21 speeds forward and 5 reverse. Redesigned to handle additional power to the ground, the transmission allows for constant 435 peak horsepower* to the ground with an industry exclusive 10% power growth in both wheeled and Rowtrac™ configurations. Having constant peak power to the ground in the only 400 horsepower Rowtrac tractor on the market, gives producers increased productivity in high-speed planting, heavy tillage applications and spring seedbed prep.

“This is a high-horsepower tractor for demanding tillage and high-speed planting applications,” Barth said. “This tractor was specifically designed for producers who have a limited amount of time to get their crops in the field. The AFS Connect Magnum 400 helps fill a void and gets the job done effectively and efficiently.”

The AFS Connect Magnum 400 features lower speeds in first gear, which provides precise slow ground speeds to meet your application needs. Also featuring 30 mph economy road speeds with a wheeled tractor, the AFS Connect Magnum can get you to the field fast, while maintaining low engine RPM. This enables more efficiency, lower costs and increased fuel savings.

A cab environment above the rest

The automotive-quality cab environment of the AFS Connect Magnum series tractors has been updated to address Case IH customer needs. Three new system components work in sync to simplify and elevate the AFS Connect Magnum: AFS Pro 1200 display, AFS Vision Pro operating system and AFS Vector Pro receiver. These enable you to configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want:

  1. The new AFS Pro 1200 display is designed for intuitive navigation and optimum visibility on even the brightest days. Remote display viewing connects operators with farm managers seamlessly, and Bluetooth® capabilities pair the display with a mobile phone to bring everything onto one display.

  2. The new AFS Vision Pro operating system is familiar and easy to use. Producers can configure their AFS Vision Pro operating system to their choosing, using technology to tailor the tractor to their operating preferences and using preprogrammed hot keys to make on-the-fly adjustments to quickly adapt to changing conditions.

  3. The AFS Vector Pro receiver streamlines guidance correction options, ranging from base (WAAS and AFS 1) to medium (AFS 2) to high (RTK and RTK+) accuracy levels. Whether it is a cellular-, satellite- or radio-delivered correction, the goal is to drive efficiency. Efficiency is accomplished with pass-to-pass and year-to-year repeatability paired with proven performance from AccuGuide™ autoguidance and complimented by a simplified setup and process.
Through integrated solutions that connect their farm, fleet and data, AFS Connect™ helps producers optimize their time by delivering the information they need to make better, more-informed management decisions.

The refined MultiControl Armrest has eight control buttons, a MultiFunction Handle with four programmable hot key buttons, and an encoder knob for total control at the operator’s fingertips. Updated styling and high-quality finishes provide a luxury look and feel, while enhanced heating and air conditioning deliver operator comfort year-round. Additional storage compartments, multiple cup holders and numerous charging and data ports add to the operator experience, and a telescoping steering wheel and full-glass door with no center pillar improve visibility.

“We used a clean-sheet approach to completely redesign this cab, and it allowed us to deliver on what our customers need,” Barth said. “We took advantage of the opportunity to start from scratch. We listened to producers and took a hard look at what we could do differently, and it really shows when you get inside.”

Attractive and functional exterior design updates

Stylistic components such as an attractive tri-stripe decal and updated grill help the AFS Connect Magnum series tractors to stand apart from the crowd, but additional exterior changes provide functional benefits. An LED grill headlight option and 360-degree egress lighting assist in nighttime operations. Telescoping mirrors are adjustable from the cab, and four camera feeds can be viewed on the AFS Pro 1200 display, with two cameras standard on the luxury cab configuration; these improve visibility day and night. Additional improvements include a semi-active cab suspension option, breakaway-style marker lights and tire pressure monitoring sensors.

“The AFS Connect Magnum 400 offers new levels of connectivity, comfort and customization,” Barth said. “This is a tractor that has evolved, bridging the generational gap on the farm. Fully customizable options allow everybody to operate the tractor in their own way. The Magnum you depend on and trust today is still there, but it has added capabilities that make your day easier. This is true integration of tractor and technology, and we’re not stopping here.”

The AFS Connect Magnum 400 is available for preorder in late 2019 and will be available in summer 2020. All Model Year 2020 AFS Connect Magnum series tractors are covered by a two-year, 2,000-hour factory warranty. Contact your local dealer for more information and the opportunity for a firsthand experience of the new AFS Connect Magnum tractor. The tractor is on display at fall farm shows, including Farm Progress Show, Decatur, Illinois.; Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska.; and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.