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The DewPoint 6210, by Staheli West, helps hay farmers improve crop quality and increase efficiency, giving them an advantage as hay prices continue to drop. With an abundance of mid to low quality hay on the market, the standards for “premium” hay have recently risen. This has resulted in lower prices for mid-grade hay. These two factors are leaving farmers searching for ways to either cut costs or increase quality in order to keep revenue up. The DewPoint can achieve both.

The DewPoint generates steam which is then injected into windrows of hay allowing operators to bale without waiting for natural dew. The steam results in 50% less leaf-loss when compared to natural dew, adding nutritional and monetary value to the hay. Eliminating the need to wait for natural dew reduces wasted time and workforce while simultaneously shortening crop time and increasing growing days. When factoring in added quality, efficiency, growing days, and resulting year-end yield, the DewPoint has a payback period of one year or less.

Brandon Yardley of Milford, Utah said of the DewPoint, “[Our hay buyer] told us ‘take care of the hay, it’s going to be a little bit of a tougher year.’ When he came and looked at the hay, he liked the steamed hay. He bought ALL of our first crop.” Brandon continued, “It makes something buyers like and they can use, and on a hay year like this, you’ve got to have a saleable product.”

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