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Strobel Manufacturing is launching the RamPack – a revolutionary new bagger providing more productivity and efficiency when unloading and packing silage, haylage, grain and dry hay. The RamPack Bagger saves time, saves fuel and delivers increased density in the bag. The faster transport and quick setup time allows you to pack and bag more . . . better. The patented fly-wheel and plunger system compresses material into the bag using significantly less horsepower than the traditional auger or rotor systems available on the market.

Steve Strobel, president of Strobel Companies, believes the RamPack Commodity Bagger will change the way farmers bag their forage.

“We have always been about providing innovative products to our country’s producers – and we think this piece of equipment is a true game-changer,” says Strobel. “It bags faster, with more density – using less horsepower. It unloads quickly, packs tightly and transports to a new location easily. It saves time and money. When we were approached about refining this revolutionary machine and taking it to market we got very excited. Our team has worked hard, and we are looking forward to providing the RamPack to customers in 2020.”

Mike Koelker, a long-time distributor of agricultural plastics and an Iowa farmer, is credited as the inventor of a plunger-driven multi-purpose bagger for silage, haylage, forage, grain and dry hay. Koelker began the quest for a better bagger after seeing that available baggers were slow and tedious . . . requiring a tractor with a lot of horsepower – which used a lot of fuel. Most were difficult to move from site to site and took valuable time setting up to begin the bagging process.

“I just knew there had to be a better way,” says Koelker. “One day I was bagging and noticed a farmer in a nearby field making large square bales – and I realized that concept ought to work for bagging.” Early on, Mike teamed up with Matt Mills – an accomplished engineer and short-line equipment dealer who knows the needs of the farmer and saw the significant advantages of “plunger-driven” compaction.

“Matt was the right guy to help me move this idea to fruition,” adds Koelker. “Together we developed a prototype that confirmed our theories.”

“Rotary or auger-fill machines need a large tractor to power them.” Mills states. “The RamPack has dual plungers that gain inertia from a flywheel, just like a baler. A lower horsepower tractor will keep that flywheel turning and save fuel.”

The Strobel RamPack allows for reduced HP equipment, less fuel consumption, decreased unload times, more capacity, greater compaction/density, simpler transport and fast setup. It’s innovative, self-contained, reliable, portable, patented . . . and built Strobel Strong. See the RamPack in operation on YouTube.

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