Oct. 21, 2020 11:04 AM

The future of sorghum is here: Alta Seeds to showcase technology advancements at Nov. 5 event

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Sorghum is on a roll. Technology advancements, emerging markets and sorghum's tolerance to marginal lands and tough environmental conditions all mean that the crop can offer a sustainable grain or forage solution. In fact, the USDA reports that sorghum acres grew by 7 percent this year.

Growers will have an opportunity to get a firsthand look at some of the new technologies that are improving productivity of the crop during the Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day on November 5, 2020. The free event is hosted by Alta Seeds, the premium seed brand of Advanta US and a leading provider of advanced sorghum genetics and technologies. Register at www.hpj.com/sorghumfrontiers.

"We're expecting to host growers from across the country on November 5 with in-field presentations showcasing the newest technologies that are revolutionizing the way that sorghum is grown," says Tanner Antonick, regional sales manager – central U.S. for Alta Seeds.

At the Sorghum Frontiers Field Day, growers will take a virtual trip to the field to hear about EMPYR®Premier Forages, a line of carefully selected forage hybrids that consistently outperform and outproduce in field and feed. With forage sorghum, sudangrass and sorghum-sudangrass hybrid options, growers will now have the ability to combine the industry's top forage characteristics into one convenient package.

“Forage sorghums are an excellent alternative to corn for silage feed,” says Antonick. “With less required inputs, forage sorghums can provide the amount of tonnage and nutrition equal to or better than corn, especially in water-restricted areas and during drought stress. It’s really a viable option for livestock producers throughout the U.S.”

In June, Alta Seeds unveiled igrowth®, the first non-GMO herbicide-tolerant grain sorghum on the market. During the November 5 Virtual Field Day, growers will get an update on igrowth hybrid availability and overall harvest results.

Register here to join Alta Seeds at the Sorghum Frontiers Virtual Field Day on November 5 to learn more. Follow @AltaSeeds on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Alta Seeds

Alta Seeds is a premium seed brand of Advanta US, an operating unit of global seed company Advanta Seeds and a division of UPL. Alta Seeds provides farmers with high-quality hybrids of grain sorghum and sorghum for forage bred from the proprietary genetics of Advanta Seeds. The company with a diverse and active R&D pipeline, Alta Seeds is the most-focused team in providing premium genetics and technology specific to the sorghum industry, such as Aphix sugarcane aphid tolerance and EMPYR premier forages.