The all hay price held steady for September at $145 per ton, while alfalfa hay dropped only $2 to $157 per ton from the previous month (see table). The prices were reported last week in USDA's Agricultural Prices report. For hay other than alfalfa, prices actually increased by $4 per ton to $119. The current value is only $6 per ton lower than September 2014 (data not shown).

Alfalfa hay prices in most states showed minimal month-to-month changes. Exceptions were the states of New Mexico (-$25), New York (-$11), Pennsylvania (+$12) and Texas (+$15).

Looking at more of a long-term trend, 2015 marks a major shift in alfalfa hay price. The last time alfalfa prices were below the current level was 2010 when the average price was $119 per ton (see graph).