April 7, 2021 08:51 AM

Y-Logic brings greater precision to crop nutrient delivery, maximizing crop yield and minimizing losses to the environment.

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AGCO introduces Y-Logic, a premium nutrient delivery system for its RoGator LiquidLogic and legacy liquid systems. Designed by EZ-Drops, Y-Logic’s precision application reduces input and costs, while increasing farmer efficiencies and crop yield.

AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, announced a strategic collaboration between its AGCO Parts division and Kirkland, IL-based EZ-Drops. The agreement provides AGCO’s RoGator® dealers in North America exclusive parts access to Y-Logic™, a new dealer-installed premium nutrient delivery system by EZ-Drops for the RoGator LiquidLogic® and legacy liquid systems.

RoGator self-propelled sprayers are used by many North American farmers and custom applicators for highly accurate and efficient fertilizer application, as they implement innovative ways to stretch their fertilizer dollars to make every drop count. "Excess nitrogen negatively affects both the environment and farm profitability. One of the simplest ways to reduce nitrogen without sacrificing yield is to move nitrogen application closer to the time crops need it,” says Darren Goebel, director of Global Agronomy and Farm Solutions at AGCO.

The new nutrient application system with patent-pending quick-attach, pivot-mounts by EZ-Drops is now available at AGCO RoGator dealers for all factory boom sizes up to 120 feet, and all row widths regardless of how nozzle boom spacing is configured. “RoGator is a highly-customizable platform for the farmer and custom applicator, and it’s innovative aftermarket solutions like Y-Logic by EZ-Drops that allow our customers to extract maximum value out of their machine to apply product to the field in the most efficient way possible.” says Nick Scates, parts marketing specialist for Application Equipment at AGCO Parts.

Y-Logic’s efficiencies extend beyond its agronomic benefits and also include easy installation and removal capabilities, which are designed to save operators valuable time. “Y-Logic’s ease of use and accuracy is the new industry standard. This premium system is light weight, folds from the cab, is self-guided by the crop, and the heavy-duty stainless-steel breakaway spring and hydraulic fittings, along with high-wear tips make it durable,” says Andy Blackmer, EZ-Drops co-founder.

When it comes to the performance of the system, it stays on target so well that the manufacturer recommends using half the drops that other systems call for. “We are crop-guided, because our flexible, yet rigid, distribution tubes at the bottom put gentle pressure on the crop and deliver nutrients on target to the base of the plant,” says Jeff Heinsohn, the company’s other co-founder. Because of this, the system is lighter, doesn’t weigh the boom down, and allows for a full boom installation on a system as wide as 120 feet.

Goebel confirms that Y-Logic’s capabilities align with the overall value provided by the RoGator application system: “In-season nitrogen application with Y-Logic by EZ-Drops puts nitrogen where it is needed, when it is needed, maximizing crop yield and minimizing losses to the environment."

For more information regarding Y-Logic, contact your local RoGator dealer today.