Noble Research Institute recently hired Joseph Pokay IV as general ranch manager.

Pokay brings more than 13 years of full-time production agriculture experience to Noble, specializing in regenerative ranching practices. During the last three years, he has worked for Deseret Ranches, one of the largest cattle ranches in the U.S. As ranch general manager, Pokay will oversee Noble Ranches, about 14,000 acres of research and demonstration land.

“Joe brings a depth of experience in regenerative ranching,” said Hugh Aljoe, Noble director of producer relations. “His expertise and knowledge will help us make informed decisions on Noble Ranches so that we can serve as a knowledgeable guide for farmers and ranchers who are interested in regenerative ranching for their own properties.”

Pokay will provide oversight to the management and operations of Noble ranches and livestock facilities. He will work with existing ranch managers and staff in implementing regenerative management planning and practices to improve soil health, which benefits society by improving the health and quality of our land, water and food.

Farmers and ranchers comprise less than 2% of the U.S. population. An even smaller percentage participate in the management of grazing lands – the single-largest land use in this nation. These farmers and ranchers manage or interact with about 650 million acres of grazing lands across all 50 states.

Regenerative stewardship of these lands would have a lasting impact across the U.S and around the world. This includes managing grazing animals to improve soil health and water quality, to mitigate the impacts of both drought and flooding across these expansive lands, and to sequester atmospheric carbon into the soil.

“My family and I came to Noble because of its focus on being a leader in regenerative ranching,” Pokay said. “We truly believe that regenerative ranching is the future for farms and ranches to be profitable today while making the land viable for generations to come. I’m excited to be part of this great organization.”

Pokay earned his Bachelor of Science with double majors in animal science and agricultural business from Colorado State University.